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10% Off on all products

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Upto 15% Off on most products

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25% Off on most products

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Extra 10% Off on All Orders

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27% Off on digesti care juice

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skin foods glow mix for glowing and healthy skin @ just ₹949

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Bhringraj hair nourish oil in a 200ml bottle starting at just ₹499

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15% Cashback on organic ayurvedic products

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hair care juice hair fall control and hair growth @ just ₹1399

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Dia Free Juice Diabetes Care @ just ₹999

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Aloe Garcinia Juice 1L @ just ₹917

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aloe garcinia juice @ just ₹917

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dia free juice diabetes care @ just ₹1019

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slimfit combo @ just ₹899

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slim juice @ just ₹1019

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himalayan shilajit resin @ just ₹999

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bp care juice controls bp and cholesterol level @ just ₹759

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More Info About Kapiva Coupons, Vouchers and Deals

Are you looking for options to stay healthy, fit and bring balance to you and your family? If yes, then welcome to Zifup your one-stop solution for the latest Kapiva coupons and deals.

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About Kapiva

Kapiva is a leading Indian Brand in modern health and nutrition with ayurvedic products backed with the warmth and care of mother nature. The ideology behind Kapiva products is taking ancient principles and the human soul to create ayurvedic products with a modern touch, thus helping authentic Ayurvedic nutrition meet the demands of convenience.


Kapiva’s mission

The mission of the company is to improve the health and wellness of every individual by helping them attain a balance of mind and body. Especially in today’s world wherein our fast-paced lives health often goes for a toss. Our changing lifestyles have forced us to turn towards a lot of unhealthy eating habits. This is the issue that Kapiva aims to address. The ingredients used for the manufacturing of Kapiva products are selectively sourced from all over India with a great emphasis on purity and authenticity. Only the best of the best is used for manufacturing, which means all the raw materials are in their finest form at the time of creating Kapiva products. Currently, the brand has approximately 90+ ayurvedic products in its inventory.


Kapiva Product Range

Some of the most loved Kapiva products are – Juices, Gummies, Resins and Chyawanprash, Ghee, Slim Shakes, Honey, Capsules, Jam, Seeds, Tea, Combos, Vegan Protein, Breakfast Mix, Effervescent Powders, Green Super Foods, Gels, Oils, etc. The products are well categorized as a mix of health drinks like fruit juices, slim shakes, etc to fitness supplies like Vegan Protein, Chyawanprash, Capsules, Green Super Foods, etc. There are skincare products too such as Kapiva pure Aloe vera skin gel. They also have other products like Ghee, Honey, Jam, Tea Combo, Breakfast mix which is required on a day-to-day basis in any household. All the synthetic ingredients for these products are replaced with the best in quality ayurvedic ingredients, due to this Kapiva products have the least number of added preservatives. Moreover, the ingredients are not artificially engineered.


Love your body every day!

Treat your body every day with Kapiva’s natural and ayurvedic products. Your body is a temple and it deserves to be treated like one. The least you can do is nourish your body with a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and keeping internally healthy is just as important as keeping staying healthy physically. In fact, it is easier to stay physically active and healthy since there are many options such as gym, sports, Zumba, etc However, there aren’t many options when it comes to keeping healthy internally. Use Kapiva products to fill this gap.


Shop on Zifup to save money online

It is a general belief that if you are looking for a healthier alternative to synthetic and artificially created products then you need to spend more. However, at Zifup we provide you with the best Kapiva discounts and Kapiva offers. Doesn’t matter which Kapiva product you want to purchase, we’ve got you covered. You can find a Kapiva coupon code for almost any Kapiva product that you wish to purchase. So just relax and save more on your purchase today!


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