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5% Off on most products

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

50% Off on select products

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

5% Off on select products

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

5% Off on select products

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

₹200 Off on All protein supplements

  • For New Users only
  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Pro Tip:  This offer is only applicable for first time purchases on Guardian. Create an account for your friend on Guardian to avail this offer.

Upto 40% Off on Topselling Weight Gainer

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Upto 45% Off on Bestselling Whey Protein

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Upto 35% Off on GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Free 100g Creatine on GNC AMP Pure Isolate

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Free Himalayan Shilajit Resin on Best Selling Whey Protein

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Upto ₹500 Cashback on all products

  • Minimum Cart Value : ₹999
  • Payment Restriction : Cred Pay wallet only
  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Beauty and Skincare Products starting at just ₹999

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Weight Management Products starting at just ₹849

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Fitness Essentials starting at just ₹449

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Female wellness combos @ just ₹1999

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Buy Any 3 Body Building Supplements @ just ₹999

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate starting at just ₹999

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Male wellness combo @ just ₹1499

  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 24th May 2024

Upto ₹500 Cashback on select products

  • Minimum Cart Value : ₹999
  • Payment Restriction : Cred pay wallet only
  • Applicable on : guardian App and
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

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Guardian Coupons In News

Beast Mode Sale begins on 16th May, 2024

Published on 16th May 2024

Hey fitness fam, it's time to flex those shopping muscles because Guardian has just dropped the Beast Mode Sale! As a self-proclaimed gym junkie, I absolutely LIVE for these moments. We're talking a jaw-dropping up to 50% off on bodybuilding supplements and nutrition. Protein powders, BCAAs, you name it! If you're like me, always looking to stock up the gains pantry without breaking the bank, this sale is our protein-packed playground. But act fast – deals like these are as rare as a perfect squat form. So, cart up and let's get swole on savings! 🏋️‍♂️💸 #SwoleOnABudget

Payday Sale begins on 26th April, 2024

Published on 26th April 2024

Oh, snap! It's that time again, folks – Guardian's Payday Sale is here to save our wallets and wellness! We're talking a jaw-dropping 40% off on those little life-savers: vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Whether you’re a fitness buff or just trying to fight off the office sniffles, this sale's got your back (and your immune system!). So, stock up on your faves, discover new health-kick buddies, and treat yo’ self to some wellbeing wins. Don't walk, sprint to grab these deals, 'cause let's be honest – health is wealth, but discounts are pure joy! 🌟💊💸

Bogo Sale begins on 22nd April, 2024

Published on 22nd April 2024

Hey, wellness warriors! I just stumbled upon a deal that made my wallet and my muscles flex with joy. Guardian is doing this mind-boggling BOGO Sale on the entire GNC Wellness Range. You know the drill - you buy one, and you get one absolutely free! Just make sure your cart is flexing a minimum of ₹999 worth of goodies. I stocked up on my protein blends and snagged some multivitamins while I was at it. So, if you're looking to double up on your wellness stash without bending your budget, sprint over to Guardian. This deal is a fitness enthusiast's dream come true!

Pay Day Sale begins on 27th March, 2024

Published on 27th March 2024

Hey fitness enthusiasts and deal hunters! It's Pay Day, and you know what that means at Guardian – it's sale time! If you're looking to stock up on your protein stash, you're in luck. Guardian is slashing prices on all GNC Protein Products by a whopping 40%! That's right, 40% off your favorite shakes, bars, and powder supplements. No matter what your fitness goals are, Guardian has got you covered with top-quality GNC products. Hurry though, deals this good don't last forever. It's the perfect time to fuel up and save big! Don’t miss out!

Beauty Sale begins on 8th March, 2024

Published on 8th March 2024

Hey beauty lovers, it's time to stock up on your favorite supplements because Guardian is running an amazing Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal on their entire beauty and skin supplement range. Whether you're looking to boost your glow, fight aging, or simply invest in your daily beauty routine, now's the chance to double up on your go-to products without breaking the bank. And the best part? This deal applies to any and every category, so you're sure to find exactly what you need. Don't wait too long, though—offers like this don't come around often, and you won't want to miss out!

Muscle Madness Sale begins on 23rd February, 2024

Published on 23rd February 2024

Hey fitness enthusiasts! Guardian is throwing down a Muscle Madness Sale that you just can't ignore. We're talking a hefty 40% off on all your essential supplements! Yeah, you heard that right. Whether you're looking to stock up on multivitamins to keep your health in check, or fish oil for that heart and joint loving goodness, they've got you covered. And that's not all – the deal's good on a variety of other wellness goodies too. So, don't snooze on this one. Head over to Guardian and grab your stash before the sale pumps its last iron!

Payday Sale begins on 29th January, 2024

Published on 29th January 2024

It's Payday Sale madness at Guardian, and it's time for a health stock-up! Dive into a treasure trove of wellness with a whopping 40% discount on a range of supplements including multivitamins and fish oils. Whether you're looking to boost your immunity, improve heart health, or simply fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet, Guardian has got you covered. Hurry though, these incredible deals won't stick around forever. Take advantage of the savings and keep your health in check without breaking the bank. Shop now and feel the difference!

More Info About Guardian Coupons, Vouchers and Deals

About Guardian Fitness Brand

In a world where well-being takes precedence, stands as a beacon of health and wellness. As the leading global specialty retailer in its field, takes pride in being the world's largest company dedicated exclusively to enhancing the quality of life for its valued customers. This article explores the diverse range of premium products offered by, catering to every facet of your well-being.

A Treasure Trove of Wellness Products:'s virtual shelves are brimming with an extensive array of health and wellness products that cater to a wide range of needs. From boosting your nutritional intake to pampering your skin, every product at has been meticulously curated to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. Here's a glimpse of the exceptional product categories available:

  • Nutritional Supplements: Nourish your body with a comprehensive selection of vitamins, minerals, and supplements designed to support your overall health. Whether you're seeking immune-boosting supplements, energy enhancers, or joint support, has you covered.
  • Fitness and Active Living: Elevate your exercise routine with top-notch fitness gear, sports nutrition, and accessories. From protein powders to resistance bands, offers everything you need to stay active and achieve your fitness goals.
  • Skincare and Beauty: Pamper your skin and indulge in self-care with's range of skincare and beauty essentials. Discover premium skincare brands, rejuvenating facial masks, and products formulated to enhance your natural radiance.
  • Personal Care: understands the importance of personal hygiene and care. Explore an assortment of products, including oral care items, grooming essentials, and feminine hygiene products, all designed to keep you feeling your best.
  • Aromatherapy and Wellness: Immerse yourself in the soothing world of aromatherapy with's selection of essential oils, diffusers, and relaxation aids. Create a serene ambiance that promotes mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • Diet and Weight Management: Achieve your wellness goals with a range of products tailored for weight management and dietary needs. offers nutritious snacks, dietary supplements, and meal replacements to help you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Why Choose

  1. Dedication to Quality:'s commitment to offering only the finest health and wellness products ensures you're investing in products that truly make a difference.
  2. Wide Product Range: With an extensive selection covering various aspects of wellness, has something for everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to skincare devotees.
  3. Global Reach:'s global presence means that individuals around the world can benefit from its offerings.
  4. Savings Unleashed: amplifies your shopping experience with unbeatable coupon codes, allowing you to save significantly on your purchases.

​How to Use to Grab Guardian Coupon Codes

Saving money while prioritizing your health has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to maximize your savings with coupon codes on

  1. Visit Head over to and search for to access the latest coupon codes.
  2. Select Your Coupon: Browse through the array of available coupon codes. Choose the one that best aligns with your wellness needs.
  3. Copy the Code: Click on the chosen coupon to reveal the code. Copy it to your clipboard – you'll need it during checkout.
  4. Shop on Navigate to and explore the diverse range of health and wellness products. Add your desired items to your cart.
  5. Apply the Coupon Code: Proceed to checkout. Look for the designated field to enter your coupon code. Paste the code you copied from and watch the magic unfold as your total cost decreases.
  6. Enjoy the Savings: Witness the immediate reduction in your order total. Feel the satisfaction of both nurturing your well-being and keeping your budget in check.

Partnering with, ensures that prioritizing your health doesn't come at the expense of your budget. offers exclusive coupon codes that empower you to unlock remarkable savings on your purchases. Whether you're restocking your supplements or indulging in self-care,'s coupon codes provide a seamless way to enhance your shopping experience.

Conclusion stands as a trailblazer in the realm of health and wellness, offering a treasure trove of premium products that cater to your every need. From nutritional supplements to skincare essentials, fitness gear to aromatherapy aids, is your holistic well-being destination. With the added benefit of's coupon codes, you're not only embracing a path to wellness but also embarking on a journey of savvy savings. Elevate your well-being with and experience the transformative power of premium health and wellness products. Your journey towards a healthier, happier life begins here

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