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Upto 82% Off on Boat Earphones and Headphones

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Upto 84% Off on Bestselling Boult Earphones

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Upto 71% Off on Noise Earphones and Headphones

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Upto 78% Off on Bestselling Zebronics Headphones

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Upto 51% Off on Best Brands Air Conditioners

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Upto 42% Off on Top Brands Refrigerators

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Upto 94% Off on Home Furnishing, Kitchen Products and More

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Upto 85% Off on Women's Clothing Collection

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

20% Off on realme NARZO 70 5G Smartphone

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Upto 76% Off on Bestselling Toys

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

₹350 Off on Electronics Range

  • Minimum Cart Value : ₹7500
  • Payment Restriction : OneCard Credit Card EMI only
  • Not valid on Corporate or Commercial Cards
  • Valid on 3 and 6 months EMI tenure only
  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 13th July 2024

Top Rated boAt Bluetooth Earbuds starting at just ₹249

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Best Selling Kitchenware Products Range starting at just ₹99

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

T Shirt and Polo Collection under ₹299

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

Best Brands Headphones under ₹1499

  • Applicable on : amazon App and
  • Valid Till : 15th July 2024

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Amazon Coupons In News

Ultimate Brand Sale begins on 8th May, 2024

Published on 8th May 2024

Hey, deal hounds! Get ready to wag your tails because Amazon's Ultimate Brand Sale is on! 🎉 With a cool 10% off on the hottest fashion finds, beauty essentials, and more, your carts are going to feel lighter on your wallets. Just make sure your haul hits that sweet ₹3000 minimum, and whip out your ICICI card to swipe those savings. But hold up – don't go wild on everything; some exclusives are sitting this dance out. And remember, ₹750 is the magic cap on those discounts. Ready, set, shop till you drop (or hit your limit)! 🛍️💳✨

Great Summer Sale begins on 2nd May, 2024

Published on 2nd May 2024

Hey, bargain hunters! Ready to beat the heat with cool deals? Amazon's Great Summer Sale is like a splash in the pool but for your wallet! Imagine snagging the latest fashion or gizmos at a breezy 10% off. And if you're swiping with your fav bank's card, you're in for a treat – a chill ₹3000 staying snug in your account. So, whether you're eyeing a snazzy summer dress or a sleek new smartphone, it's time to cart 'em up. Just remember, it's like sunscreen – apply (or in this case, buy) liberally! Happy Summer Saving! 🕶️💳🏖️

Great Summer Sale concluded at Amazon

Published on 1st May 2024

Oh, the Great Summer Sale on Amazon! It was like a treasure hunt where every click potentially led to a bargain. With a tempting 10% discount on absolutely everything (hello, retail therapy), my credit card was swiping itself via EMI. And I wasn't alone; the virtual aisles were buzzing with discount desperados. Alas, all good things must end, and this sale has closed its doors, leaving us with full carts and happier hearts. But fear not, dear deal-seekers, if history repeats itself, we might just rendezvous at another discount soiree in the future. Until then, keep those bank cards at the ready!

Great Summer Sale begins on 29th April, 2024

Published on 29th April 2024

Oh, hey there, fellow deal-seekers! Guess who's back with another sizzling summer scoop? Amazon's Great Summer Sale is the oasis in our scorching shopping desert. Here's the juice: a cool 10% off on EVERY product (yes, you read that right). But wait, there's a twist! Whip out those credit/debit cards from leading banks and pick that EMI option to unlock this treasure. From gadgets that'll make your friends go 'whoa' to fashion finds that'll have you selfie-ready, it's a marketplace of dreams. So, let's get our summer savings on and make our bank accounts as breezy as a beach vacay!

More Info About Amazon Coupons, Vouchers and Deals

Store Summary

Amazon is originally a USA online E-commerce Industry Giant. evaluates its market cap at a staggering $175.1 Billion. It's the top E-com website there and wants to become the same in the Indian E-Commerce space. Here in our country, it is racing fast to reach the same level of trust, business, and customer base as in the USA. It's focussing hard on building a robust delivery network and superb customer service experience in which it already has expertise on its home turf. Many people associate it with Kindle book readers and tablets (a Kindle book reader has an E-ink display.)


Let us have a look at what the store offers and our prime area of interest, Coupons, and Deals related to Amazon. Well, you can smile as it does allow the usage of Amazon gift cards that can be used for discounts on products sold on their website. It keeps on sending information about these gift cards with the help of its advertisement partners and individual ads, email newsletters, etc. Often, these cards are sold at discounted rates, thus enabling one to save money for a future purchase.

amazon offer

They have tied up with big brands and hence launched "Exclusive" deals like the Redmi Note exclusive launch, very recent the Moto G series launch, Coolpad Mobile range, Lenovo Vibe note, etc. Some of the devices have a flash sale model wherein you have to register for the sale and wait for purchase on a specified date and time communicated for sale.

Some of the Offers/Sales that Amazon has given off in the past and keeps on re-launching the same are as follows.

  1. Great Indian Festive Sale
  2. Diwali Dhamaka
  3. Great Indian Summer Sale
  4. 72 Hour marathon Deals

and so on...

amazon discount

Payments Method Accepted

Payment methods of all types, such as credit card/debit card, cash on delivery, Net banking, e-gift vouchers, etc., are accepted. Almost all of the banks and modes of payment will work, and still, if you have any doubts or face difficulty, their customer care service is available 24X7.

Returns Policy

Amazon has a Return Policy of 10 days on mobile phones and 30 days on other items. It can vary on different products, so a precheck before every purchase will keep you out of hassles if an issue arises. Being an old player in this E-commerce field, they very well know what customer service is and communicate very with their customers.

You can anytime call on the 24X7 customer helpline Toll-Free Number – 180030009009. They have a no-questions hassle-free policy for return if you want to return a product due to non-performance of product or manufacturing defect.

Product Delivery Times

We have been observing for quite some time that Amazon is trying to build a superb delivery network.

First of all, if you go for any order worth more than Rs.499 in cost, delivery is free. The benefit is even if you have different products combined from different sellers, they will be delivered as a single "Order" on a single "Date" and free of cost and that too on a minimum purchase of Rs.499!!

Now that's amazing, and a few other competitors have started following the same. At specific selected Pin Codes, they give morning delivery as well! It means you order a product now, and by tomorrow morning, you have the product delivered to the place you have chosen.

Amazon Coupon Codes and Promos

One of the most important things to do before you buy anything on Amazon is to find out if there are any coupons or promos available. Amazon offers discounts and deals all the time, but without knowing about them, you could be overpaying for items that are already discounted!

We will always try to keep this post updated with the latest information about any new coupons or specials that come out on Amazon.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is a shopping holiday that falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the USA. It's one of the biggest days for online shoppers. However, it doesn't just last one day; Amazon offers new deals every day on the run-up to Black Friday.

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is another one of the major online shopping days in November. You'll find some of the best deals for electronic items, video games, and more on this day. Amazon will be offering discounts on these items throughout November.

Amazon Product of the Day

Every day Amazon picks out one product that is on sale and discounts it even more than usual. If you're looking for a daily bargain, be sure to check this section regularly.

Amazon Coupon Codes

Amazon has regular coupon codes that they give out to specific customers, such as student shoppers. These coupons are usually in the form of an Amazon coupon code that takes money off your next purchase when you shop with them. Make sure to sign up for free student accounts if you qualify before using any coupons or promo codes.

Amazon Warehouse Deals

A great way to save money on used, refurbished, or open-box items is by shopping at Amazon's warehouse deals section. There are thousands of products listed here with discounts of up to 80% off the retail price! The catch? You won't know what condition the product will be in until you receive it, and there's no returns policy available.

Amazon Promo Code for Video Games

Amazon offers a unique promo code for video game preorders. If you preorder any of the newest hit titles on their platform, you'll receive extra credit on top of your purchase price.

Amazon Prime Membership

Signing up for an Amazon Prime account has a wide range of benefits, including faster (two-day) shipping to eligible customers and free shipping on all products, Amazon prime video unlimited streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies, exclusive deals, and early access to lightning deals. You also have access to prime music and prime photos with unlimited photo storage. As an Amazon Prime member, you'll even get to join Prime Day, a special event that happens once a year where you can take advantage of exclusive deals.

. Other Prime benefits include early access to exclusive Amazon codes. Amazon Prime members have been known to get exclusive promo codes that aren't available to the general public, so signing up for Prime may be a good idea if you regularly shop on Amazon.

Free Content from Amazon

Getting a great deal doesn't just mean spending less money when you shop at Amazon! You'll also be able to get your hands on some excellent free content if you purchase digital downloads from their platform. You can choose anything from ebooks to streaming videos, depending on the titles available in your country at the moment.

Amazon Price Matching

If you find a cheaper deal on any of the same products from other stores, Amazon will be happy to match it. You can either contact Amazon customer service and chat with an online representative or submit your request in the "Contact Us" section of your account dashboard. Amazon makes a point of offering the lowest prices and great deals on eligible items. Since they offer products from many third-party sellers, they can't always govern the price, but you are sure to find deals and make significant savings.

Amazon Music Promo Codes

If you're looking for music online, Amazon is one of the best platforms to find it on. Downloading songs and albums here instead of on iTunes or Google Play could save you a lot of money - especially if there are any Amazon promo codes available. As well as regular discounts, Amazon also offers a music subscription service that can save you a lot. Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers have access to over two million songs and thousands of playlists, albums, artist radio stations, and more. In the past, Amazon has offered promotional codes for up to 50% off this service, which could result in big savings!

In Conclusion

So, on this final note, we can easily conclude that the USA Giant is all set to capture the marketplace and customers at a leopard's speed in order to establish itself as the top player in India. Excellent customer service, fastest deliveries, huge discounts, ever-expanding product list, and of course, popular Amazon promo codes and coupons which we love and are more loved by our customers, all give this website a cutting-edge to race forward, one day possibly achieve the same fan following and market position as in its Homeland.

With a simple checkout process, free two-day shipping for Prime members on your Amazon purchase, and plenty more deals to save big, head over to the Amazon website to explore today's daily deals now.

Of course, don't neglect to check out our Amazon digital coupons at the top of the page - they are regularly updated with popular discounts.

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