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25% Off on Inkey List Beauty Cosmetics

  • Applicable on : sephora-pt App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Top Beauty and Skincare starting at just €4.99

  • Applicable on : sephora-pt App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

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Private Sale concluded at

Published on 21st March 2024

Alright, beauties and skincare aficionados, if you blinked, you might've missed the exclusive private sale that graced! With a sweet 20% off on top brands, it was the perfect time to stock up on your favorite makeup and body care goodies. The buzz was real, as folks snagged deals left and right, filling their virtual carts with premium products without the premium price tag. Although this sale has wrapped up, don't feel the FOMO just yet. Keep your eyes peeled because if history repeats itself, those discounts might just make a dazzling comeback. Stay tuned!

Private Sale begins on 19th March, 2024

Published on 19th March 2024

Heads up, beauty lovers! Sephora Portugal is treating us to a hush-hush Private Sale that's too good to whisper about. Snag 20% off on your favorite high-end makeup and luxurious body care essentials. This is the perfect chance to stock up on all the glam must-haves from the top brands that rarely go on sale. But shhh, it's our little secret! Start filling your cart on and enjoy the exclusive savings before they vanish. Trust me, your beauty routine will thank you!

Private Sale concluded at

Published on 8th February 2024

Hey beauty buffs, did you catch the exclusive private sale at With up to 30% off, it was a beauty bonanza for Loyalty Program insiders! From top-tier makeup to pampering skincare, tools, and body care, the deals were just too good to pass up. It was a hit, with many snatching up their fave items at dreamy discounts. Missed out? Chin up, gorgeous! Stay tuned because if history repeats itself, those savings might just make a comeback. Keep your eyes peeled and your loyalty cards handy for the next round of beauty steals!

Private Sales begins on 7th February, 2024

Published on 7th February 2024

Hey beauty enthusiasts! Listen up, because I've got some hot news for ya! is treating its loyalty program members to an exclusive, wallet-friendly opportunity. If you're part of the club, you can snag up to 30% off on a fabulous selection of beauty goodies. That's right, your favorite makeup, skincare, and more, all at a sweet discount. But shh, it's a private affair, so only the insiders get to bask in the savings. Not a member yet? Hustle over to join the program and get in on these lush deals before they're gone! 🛍️💄 #SephoraPrivateSale

Private Sale begins on 6th February, 2024

Published on 6th February 2024

Hey beauty buffs, Sephora Portugal's got a treat just for you! If you're part of their Loyalty Program, brace yourselves for an exclusive Private Sale where you can bag up to 30% off on your fave makeup, skincare, and body care goodies. Plus, you can even snag some top-notch tools to perfect your beauty routine. But remember, this hush-hush deal is our little secret – it's only for the Loyalty fam. Don't miss out on the chance to stock up on all the glam essentials without breaking the bank. Happy shopping!

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