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Upto 31% Off on Select Laptops

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Upto ₱5800 Off on all products

  • Applicable for Lenovo Edu Members
  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

10% Off on most products

  • Only for Members
  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

₱5600 Welcome Discount on Top Rated laptop and Accessories

  • Offer is applicable when you join Lenovo Edu
  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Upto 33% Off on Best Selling Laptop Collection

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Free shipping on all products

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Upto 31% Off on AI PCs and Workstations

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Upto 50% Off on Select Customizable PCs

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Upto 10% Off on all products

  • For New Users only
  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Pro Tip:  This offer is only applicable for first time purchases on Create an account for your friend on to avail this offer.

Free set of premium merchandise on Yoga or Legion PC

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

ThinkPad P14s Gen 4 starting at just ₱64674.49

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

ThinkPad P Series Laptop Collection starting at just ₱59516.77

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Ideapad Laptop Range starting at just ₱15355.20

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

ThinkPad T14 Gen 5 Laptop starting at just ₱64015.74

  • Applicable on : ph-lenovo App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

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Who says you can’t mix pleasure with savings? I just stumbled upon a ‘Time Sale’ at that's like music to my tech-loving wallet. Friends, brace yourselves for up to ₱4000 off on laptops and PC accessories. Yes, you heard me right! Whether you're a gamer, a work-from-home pro, or just in dire need of a tech upgrade, Lenovo's got your back (and your bank account’s). Hurry though, because like Cinderella’s carriage, this deal has an expiry date. So, cart it up and check it out before the clock strikes sale-o'clock!

Time Sale concluded at

Published on 23rd April 2024

Oh, the digital stampede has settled, and the virtual shelves are getting a well-deserved rest. Lenovo's weekend sale extravaganza, with up to 45% off on select laptops and accessories, has waved us goodbye. Like a whirlwind romance, it swept us off our feet with juicy discounts that many of us couldn't resist. We clicked, we added to cart, and oh, we saved! While the sale has ended, leaving some with cart remorse and others with gadget glee, whispers in the cyber winds hint at its return. So, chin up, deal hunters! The next sale might just be a refresh button away.

Time Sale begins on 20th April, 2024

Published on 20th April 2024

Hey bargain hunters! Get your mouse-clicking fingers ready because is having a 'Time Sale' that's bound to spark some joy! On weekends, they're slicing prices like a ninja on select laptops and accessories – we're talking up to 45% off! Yep, you heard me right. Whether you're a gamer, a work-from-home pro, or just in desperate need of a tech upgrade, this is your golden ticket. So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and maybe do some finger stretches? You won't want to miss this weekend warrior of a sale. Happy (discounted) shopping! 🎉💻🛒

Payday Sale begins on 17th April, 2024

Published on 17th April 2024

Oh, the joy of payday paired with a juicy tech sale! Fellow netizens, brace yourselves for Lenovo's digital fiesta at Imagine snatching up that sleek, powerhouse laptop you've been eyeing at up to 33% off. Yes, your dream machine is now way closer to your wallet's reality. Whether for work, gaming, or just endless hours of streaming, it's time to upgrade your tech game without breaking the bank. But you've gotta move fast—bestsellers at these prices are like hotcakes, and who ever heard of leftover hotcakes? Happy clicking, savvy shoppers!

Limited Time Sale concluded at

Published on 16th April 2024

Oh boy, did you feel that adrenaline rush too? The recent Lenovo Philippines flash sale was like a commercial holiday for tech enthusiasts! With a tempting 35% off dangling on select gadgets, it was a digital stampede! I snagged a sleek laptop - my fingers have never flown so fast across a keyboard. It was a deal-hunter's paradise, and judging by the 'Sold Out' signs that popped up like mushrooms, I wasn't the only one cart-diving. Alas, all good things must end, and the sale is no more. But fret not, bargain buddies, Lenovo is known for encores. Keep those wallets ready!

Limited Time Sale begins on 13th April, 2024

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Hey savvy shoppers! It's time to flex those deal-hunting muscles over at! They've dropped a sizzling hot promo where select products are getting slashed by a whopping 35% off! I just snagged the slickest laptop and saved enough to also indulge in a fancy mouse (talk about a double win!). But here's the kicker – it’s for a limited time only. So, if you’re eyeing some tech upgrades, sprint over to Lenovo like your internet connection depends on it – because, let’s face it, nowadays, it kinda does. Ready, set, save! 🏃💻 #TechSteals #LenovoLoot

Easter Tech Sale begins on 26th March, 2024

Published on 26th March 2024

Hop into the Easter Tech Sale over at and snag yourself some egg-citing deals! We're talking up to 40% off on the latest laptops and essential PC accessories. Whether you're hunting for a new powerhouse of productivity or just some gadgets to enhance your setup, now's the perfect time to upgrade. But don't let this sale hop away – these deals won't last long. So, fill your basket before these tech treats are all gone!

Time Sale concluded at

Published on 19th March 2024

Hey tech enthusiasts, did you manage to snag that awesome deal on this past weekend? With up to 15% off on the best-selling laptops and computer accessories, it's no wonder the sale was a hit! It was the perfect chance to upgrade your gear without breaking the bank. The catch was the timing - those discounts were only valid from midnight to 8 am, making it an exclusive shopping spree for the night owls and early birds. Sadly, all good things come to an end, and so has this sale. But don't fret! Stay tuned, because deals like this have a habit of popping up again. Keep those eyes peeled!

Time Sale begins on 16th March, 2024

Published on 16th March 2024

Hey, night owls and weekend warriors! Score some serious savings on the tech gear you've been eyeing at Dive into their Time Sale, where you can grab up to 15% off on the hottest laptops and essential computer accessories. But there's a catch—the deals only pop up from midnight to 8 AM and exclusively on weekends. So set your alarms, brew some coffee, and get ready to upgrade your setup without breaking the bank. Act fast, though, these discounts are as fleeting as the wee morning hours!

Online Tech Sale begins on 11th March, 2024

Published on 11th March 2024

Hey tech enthusiasts! You don't want to miss this – is throwing an Online Tech Sale that's off the charts! We're talking up to 40% off on the hottest laptops, computers, and all the cool accessories to go with them. But wait, it gets better – the savings max out at a whopping ₱6000! This is your golden ticket to upgrade your tech game without breaking the bank. Dive in now, score those deals, and make your tech dreams come true before this sale signs off! 🎉💻🖱️

Time Sale concluded at

Published on 27th February 2024

Sadly, the clock has run out on the fantastic Time Sale over at, where tech enthusiasts had the chance to snag up to an extra 35% off on some of the hottest bestselling laptops. The vibe was electric as bargain hunters and gadget lovers alike pounced on the deals. It was a digital stampede, and oh, how the discounts flowed! If you missed out, don't fret—whispers in the digital alleyways suggest this sale could make a comeback. Stay tuned and keep your clicking fingers limber; you'll want to be ready for the next round of deal-dashing madness!

Time Sale begins on 24th February, 2024

Published on 24th February 2024

Hey tech enthusiasts! If you've been eyeing a new laptop, now's the time to snag one from They've got this amazing Time Sale happening where you can pocket extra savings up to 35% off on a selection of their bestselling laptops. Whether you're into gaming, need a boost for your work-from-home setup, or just want something snazzy for everyday use, Lenovo's got you covered. But don't wait around; deals like these don't linger. Hop on over and grab your tech treasure before this stellar sale slips away! Happy laptop hunting! 🎉💻✨

Valentines day sale begins on 13th February, 2024

Published on 13th February 2024

Hey lovebirds and tech enthusiasts! Get ready to swoon over the sweetest deals this Valentine's Day at They are offering up to 38% off on their hottest laptops and accessories. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your significant other or treating yourself to a tech upgrade, Lenovo has got your back. Don't miss out on the chance to score big on best-selling gear and gadgets. Cupid's arrow is pointing you towards some serious savings, so make sure to check it out before the sale ends! 💻❤️ #TechLove #ValentinesDaySale #LenovoLove

Chinese New Year Sale begins on 7th February, 2024

Published on 7th February 2024

Hey shoppers, it's time to welcome the Chinese New Year with some incredible savings! Head over to and celebrate with up to ₱6000 off on their entire range of products. Whether you're eyeing a slick new laptop, a powerful desktop, or some top-notch accessories, Lenovo has got you covered with discounts that'll make your wallet sing. So, don't wait – the time to upgrade your tech is now. Dive into the sale and snag some of the best deals to start your year off right. Happy shopping and Happy New Year! 🎉🛍️🐲

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