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₱40 Off on Solane LPG tank refill

  • Applicable on : landers-ph App and
  • Valid Till : 21st July 2024

Furniture and Home Decor starting at just ₱62.95

  • Applicable on : landers-ph App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Dog Dry Food starting at just ₱199.95

  • Applicable on : landers-ph App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Laundry Products starting at just ₱41

  • Applicable on : landers-ph App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Juices, Shakes and Smoothies starting at just ₱27.75

  • Applicable on : landers-ph App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

Frozen Vegetables starting at just ₱38.50

  • Applicable on : landers-ph App and
  • Valid Till : 22nd July 2024

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Hey savvy shoppers! Get ready to fill your carts because the 5.5 May Markdown Sale at is no joke! With up to 50% off on a plethora of products, your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief. Whether you're restocking your pantry, eyeing that fancy blender, or grabbing some chic home decor, your shopping spree is about to get a serious upgrade. So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and be prepared to snag those deals because this is the sale you definitely don't want to miss. Happy shopping!

Summer Sale begins on 17th April, 2024

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4.4 Summer Special Sale concluded at

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Hey deal hunters and bargain lovers! If you missed out on the 4.4 Summer Special Sale at, you truly missed a golden opportunity. With discounts skyrocketing up to 60% on a vast array of products, shoppers were in for a treat. From summer essentials to tech gadgets, carts were filling up and prices were dropping down! The excitement was palpable as everyone snagged some amazing deals. Although this sale has come to a close, don't let the FOMO get you down. Keep your eyes peeled, because sales like these have a habit of making a comeback. Stay tuned and stay savvy!

Bacolod Summer Sale begins on 5th April, 2024

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Hey, sunshine lovers and deal hunters! Get ready to fill your carts because the Bacolod Summer Sale at is blazing a trail of discounts. We're talking a scorching 50% off on all your favorites—grocery items to stock your pantry, the latest fashion to keep you cool, and everything you need to spruce up your home. But wait for it—this sizzlin' sale is an exclusive treat just for members! Not a member yet? Now's the perfect time to join the club and bask in the half-price glory. Hurry, though, because deals this hot won't last forever!

4.4 Summer Special Sale begins on 4th April, 2024

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Hey, savvy shoppers! Get ready to beat the heat with the 4.4 Summer Special Sale over at! Dive into a sea of savings with up to 60% off on a wide array of products. Whether you're looking to refresh your wardrobe, upgrade your tech, or grab some goodies for your home, there's a hot deal waiting for you. But you'll need to act fast—these sizzling discounts are too good to last. So, why wait? Start clicking and save big on your summer essentials today! 🌞🛍️

Super crazy sale concluded at

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Hey, folks! You wouldn't believe the madness at with their Super Crazy Sale! Shoppers were scooping up deals with their buy 1, get the second at 50% off on absolutely everything! From March 13, carts were filled to the brim, checkout lines buzzed non-stop – it was deal heaven! Sadly, all good things must end, and this sale is no exception. Missed out? Don't fret; whispers are that it might make a comeback. Keep those eyes peeled and wallets ready for the next round of bargain bliss!

Super crazy sale begins on 7th March, 2024

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Hey shoppers! Guess what's hitting It's the Super Crazy Sale, and it's as wild as it sounds! Starting from March 13th, this is your golden ticket to grab any item and score another for a whopping 50% off! Yup, you heard that right – buy one and get your second pick at half the price, and this applies to absolutely EVERYTHING. So, gear up for some serious cart-filling because deals like this don't come knocking every day. Double the fun, half the price – it's shopping madness at its finest. Go on, treat yourself twice! 🛒✨

2.2 Big Bundle Sale begins on 1st February, 2024

Published on 1st February 2024

Ready to snag some serious deals? is rolling out their 2.2 Big Bundle Sale, and trust me, you don't want to miss this! We're talking up to 60% off on a massive selection of goodies. Whether you're restocking your pantry, sprucing up your home, or treating yourself to some self-care essentials, there's something for everyone. And when discounts like these come knocking, you've gotta answer that door! So, cart up your faves and get ready to enjoy some sweet, sweet savings. But act fast – a sale like this waits for no one! Shop 'til you drop, my friends! 🛒💸🎉

2 2 Big Bundle Sale begins on 31st January, 2024

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Attention savvy shoppers! is rolling out its sensational "2 2 Big Bundle Sale" for all your grocery needs and daily essentials. Don't miss the chance to stock up and save big with discounts reaching up to a whopping 60% off! Whether it's your pantry staples or everyday items, has got you covered with unbeatable deals. Act fast because these savings are too good to last. Dive into the sale and enjoy the best prices on your must-have products. It's the perfect time to fill your cart without emptying your wallet. Shop now and make the most of the "2 2 Big Bundle Sale"!

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