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₱100 Off on Bestselling electronics, and gadgets

  • Minimum Cart Value : ₱5000
  • Applicable on : abenson App and abenson.com
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

Get Same Day Delivery on all products

  • Applicable on : abenson App and abenson.com
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

Upto 23% Off on Office and Education Supplies

  • Applicable on : abenson App and abenson.com
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

Upto 71% Off on New Home Furniture and Kitchenware

  • Applicable on : abenson App and abenson.com
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

Upto 30% Off on Panasonic Appliances

  • Applicable on : abenson App and abenson.com
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

Upto 35% Off on Home Appliances

  • Applicable on : abenson App and abenson.com
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

Free appliances on most products

  • Applicable on : abenson App and abenson.com
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 12gb 512gb Titanium Yellow @ just ₱92990

  • Applicable on : abenson App and abenson.com
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

Huawei Pura 70 Mobile starting at just ₱47999

  • Applicable on : abenson App and abenson.com
  • Valid Till : 23rd May 2024

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abenson.com Coupons In News

Awesome Sofa Sale concluded at abenson.com

Published on 14th May 2024

Oh, the sofa saga! Abenson.com just wrapped up a cushy deal with up to 40% off on loungers that had us all clicking 'Add to Cart' faster than you can say "comfort". These weren't just any sofas; they were the MVPs of living room loungewear. If you missed out, don't slump into your not-so-discounted couch in despair yet. Keep an eye out because if history repeats itself, these sofa sales might just make a comeback. Until then, keep dreaming of that perfect perch that doesn't break the bank!

Awesome Sofa Sale begins on 10th May, 2024

Published on 10th May 2024

Hey, fellow couch potatoes and style aficionados! Just scored a fabulous deal at abenson.com that I've got to share. They've got a sofa sale that's like sinking into a plush, pocket-friendly cloud with up to 40% off! Yes, my living room is now rocking a chic vibe without my wallet throwing a tantrum. This sale is legit and locked down to the landing page, so no wild goose chase for discounts. If your den needs a makeover or you just want to upgrade your binge-watching throne, don't just sit there (well, do, but on a new sofa)! Go grab that deal!

Pay Day Sale begins on 30th April, 2024

Published on 30th April 2024

Hello, bargain hunters and penny pinchers! Have you heard the news? It's Pay Day, and you know what that means—Abenson.com is raining deals like it's monsoon season! This isn't just any sprinkle of savings, no sir; we're talking a full-blown storm of discounts on home appliances. Imagine upgrading your kitchen or laundry room starting at the wallet-friendly price of just ₱1111. Whether you're in need of a new toaster, a smoother blender, or a quieter washing machine, now's the time to click 'add to cart.' But hurry, deals this good don't just sit around—they zoom off faster than your last paycheck!

Payday Sale begins on 13th April, 2024

Published on 13th April 2024

Oh, happy day! It's that time of the month when the paycheck hits and the deals start poppin'! Abenson.com is throwing a Payday Sale that's making my wallet quiver with excitement. I'm talking up to 60% off on gadgets, appliances, and who knows what else! I've already scooped up a blender for those summer smoothies and a pair of headphones to tune out my neighbor's questionable music tastes. So, cancel your weekend plans, folks, 'cause this sale's got more buzz than a hive in springtime. Let's shop till we drop... or at least until our bank accounts gently weep. Happy savings!

Payday Sale concluded at abenson.com

Published on 19th March 2024

Hey deal hunters, if you missed the Payday Sale on abenson.com, you really missed out! This recent sale was a hit, offering up to 25% off on the hottest home appliances and more. It was the perfect chance to upgrade your space without breaking the bank. A ton of savvy shoppers snagged some serious bargains. Though the sale has wrapped up, don't fret too much. Keep your eyes peeled because, with its success, it's likely to make a comeback. Next time, be ready to jump on those deals!

Payday Sale begins on 15th March, 2024

Published on 15th March 2024

Hey there, savvy shoppers! Abenson.com is at it again, bringing you the Payday Sale that's too good to pass up. We're talking up to 25% off on the best in home appliances and more. Whether you're eyeing a new fridge, dreaming about a high-tech washing machine, or just looking to spruce up your space with some cool gadgets, now's the time to add to cart and checkout without guilt. Don't wait around – deals this hot won't last long. Score those wish-list items at wallet-friendly prices while you can! Happy shopping!

Mega Sale begins on 16th February, 2024

Published on 16th February 2024

Hey bargain hunters! Get ready to elevate your binge-watching experience without breaking the bank! Abenson.com is rolling out a mind-blowing Mega Sale on Skyworth Smart TVs, and you won't want to miss it. Imagine saving up to ₱10,000 on your next smart TV purchase! Whether you're a sports fanatic, a movie buff, or a serial series watcher, now's the time to snag that upgrade you've been dreaming of. Dive into a world of stunning visuals and immersive audio at prices that'll have your wallet breathing a sigh of relief. Hurry, though—deals this good don't stick around for long! 📺💸

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