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Let me ask this straight. Before you buy anything online, do you spend days thinking about questions like "which website to buy from?" or "will the price go up/down if I wait?" ? If yes, then you are not alone. It is natural to be apprehensive about such issues when you are spending your hard-earned money. And frankly, we all hate to see someone else buy the same product at a lower cost. It is THE worst feeling for us.

At Zifup, we have seen the length and breadth of E-Commerce. With over 5,00,000 units of sales attributed to us - from top websites to new brands, we have the experience it takes to guide you in your purchases.

And so, we can give you a Personal Money Saving Assistant! Just tell your Money Saving Assistant what product or category you are looking to purchase, and he/she will start sending you the best buy options on email. Your assistant will get you the season's best deals and inform you of any upcoming coupons or flash sales. That's like knowing when the surprise test is going to happen - you get a big advantage! Once you are done with the purchase, you simply switch to the next thing on your wishlist.

Using our Money Saving Guide throughout the year, can easily help you save in excess of ₹10,000/-

Why use Zifup ?

Ever went shopping online and saw that small little text box on cart page asking for 'coupon code'? Well, that's exactly what we collect. We have a massive collection of coupons, but ONLY THOSE THAT WORK. We collect them from across e-commerce portals.

At, we follow hundreds of top shopping websites daily and get the best offers from each of them exclusively for our visitors.

Unlike cashback websites which give lesser discounts to users in order to give them cashbacks, we work with the objective of giving the maximum benefit to users immediately. For a cashback you must wait to have a minimum balance, but with you immediately save money while shopping online.

Zifup is also different from other coupon aggregation websites because unlike them, we do not host made-up, filler and expired offers. Don't get fooled with the number of coupons on cheap websites. They simply DON'T WORK.

How to use the Coupons?

When you have decided the store and product to buy

  1. Go to list of stores with coupons in top menu.
  2. Select the merchant from where you wish to shop.
  3. Use filters like that of category, city, type of offer to filter down the coupons.
  4. Although we always sort deals according to their relevance, make sure you browse through all of them for best application.
  5. Click on the button associated with the offer to avail the same.
  6. In case of deal, it will be automatically activated. While in case of discount code, copy the same and paste in coupon text box on store's cart page.

When you have decided the product but not the store.

  1. Go to coupons categories page or use search box to choose the product you wish to shop for.
  2. On getting relevant results, use filters like that of stores, city, type of offer to filter down the coupons.
  3. Browse through the already sorted discounts.
  4. Click on the call to action associated with the voucher to activate the same.
  5. In case of non-code offer, it will be immediately activated in new browser tab. While in case of a text based promo code, copy the same and paste in coupon text box on store's cart page.

How to get the maximum benefit out of Zifup?

To ensure up to date offers, we recommend users to visit our website just before shopping online. If you visit us well in advance, make sure to check out:

  1. New coupons added after your visit.
  2. Any terms & condition updated to existing offer.
  3. If the offer you noted is still valid or not.
This is because we update data our website almost on a real time basis. So the changes keep coming all day long.

Secondly, we highly recomment you susbcribe to our "Money Saving Guide" and tell us what you wish to purchase. Always open our emails for latest updates. While you are subscribed, make sure you update your preferences like interested products/categories/stores. This will help us to reach out to you accordingly. If at all you wish to unsubscribe from the program, you can do so anytime.

What makes Zifup the 'most accurate' Coupon Site?

We follow a three check process to collect and maintain only verified, tested, official and 100% authentic offers & deals.

Coupon Collection Process

Check 1: Our team of data scientists work day in and out to hand pick the best deals from merchants. Its a well documented, tested and proven process that we follow to collect coupons. A few brief steps that we undertake daily are as follows:

  1. Visit every store website as many times as possible everyday.
  2. Subscribe & read every newsletter sent by e-stores.
  3. Read each store blog for coupons & offers in them.
  4. Follow all social media communications posted by e-commerce brands.
  5. Checkout SMS & App Notifications.
Coupons & offers thus collected from this tried and tested process are then sorted and only the best, most relevant and demanded ones are displayed in our coupon collection. Further, our reliance on direct store communications and establishing direct contact with stores, helps us source coupons the fastest possible way.

Check 2: Promo codes & deals collected from step one, go through a series of checks every single day to maintain high levels of accuracy. So each day they are tested for:

  • Validity – In many cases by manual application by visiting stores.
  • Any update in terms and conditions of coupons.
  • List of products where the coupon is applicable.

Check 3: Dedicated freelancers then audit the processes and do sampling. This ensures that we regularly get feedback on our process and collection of coupons.

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